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Disclaimer: Facebook is not related to this site or software. We sometimes use it, but there is no relation or endorsesment.  We are "FaceBrowser" TM & AKA:  FB BrowserTM  &  F Browser TM ".   We have facebook pages that matches our web id, but thats just a web id, an address to be found.  Much the same as saying, "As seen on Facebook or anywhere else. When they allowed us to build our facebook web membrs id/page, they allow us to be found in their SEO web search data ,and by default, for all to claim as Facebook being the location to find us and that means ads, text or other redirects to our facebooke web ID Page inside Facebook".  Otherwise, In my opinion, we are all pawns in a mass marketing fraud.  We have the right to "port our phone ID numbers", how would this be any different?  Like a phone number, it's our public identity.  example "Facebook" (area code ID/website ID) - "FB"(local number ID /page ID)

My Public Identity example: "Area Code ID" (919) + "Local Number ID" 771-9661 publicly known as: "(919) 991-9661" or "". 

Samething in the eye of public ID, data minine, meta data, search engines, and all marketing.  Look at Yelp pages. it has both these public ID's.  Webpage ID and Phone number ID.

FaceBrowser TM / ("F Browser" TM) is a self standing GAMER WEB BROWSER written in 2008.

It has built in game controllers functions for FUNTROLLERS TM

No endorsements by anyone, regardless of screen-shot displayed. We just love games!

(FaceBrowser TM / F Browser TM  Software may be for sale, but you need deep, deep pockets)

Snapshot taken Sept 17th 2020 FaceBrowser with Fortnite open, 181FM Radio open and the Chat back channels on the left

and last...Custom Gamer programmable controller settings for TheFUNTrollers TM